Commercial Projects

Overview of Commercial Projects

The main commercial property projects developed by Harmony Group, a shareholding enterprise of CSSD include Harmony Times Square, Master Li Causeway Series, Harmony Mansion, Harmony Constellation, Yangcheng Food Street, and Lianhua (Lotus) Di Leisure and Shopping Street, etc. These projects involve new urban commercial centers, including shopping malls, pedestrian commercial areas, including fashion, amusement, and catering streets, office buildings, hotel style apartments with tourism and vocation areas, etc. As a result, volume for these projects under development and in operation exceeds two million m2. In 2009, Harmony Group was awarded the "China Shopping Center Ranking over Two Decades - China Shopping Center Industry Promotion Award." In the same year, Harmony Times Square was designated as one of the Top 10 New Chinese Comprehensive Urban Complex Landmarks, while Master Li Causeway became the first commercially named street with Chinese features was given a national-level title in Suzhou.

In 2010, Harmony Group was elected as a deputy president organization of the China Federation of Urban Commercial Outlets Construction Administration. The Harmony Constellation highly promoted by Harmony Group was also awarded the "China Shopping Center Annual Planning and Innovation Award".

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