Commercial Projects

ZhongXin Park Avenue

The ZhongXin Park Avenue project is located at No. 258, Shengpu Road of SIP, and is very close to highway entrances. This project covers an area of 137,000 m2, while its total construction area exceeds 150,000 m2. This project is the first group of ecologically-sound office buildings in SIP and is purely a commercial property project. The brand-new concept of green-color and ecological office work is stressed in this project with a rare 51.1% afforestation rate, a water area in excess of 10,000 m2, a green landscape belt covering an area of nearly 130,000 m2, as well as super high efficiency rate of one building for each company and naming rights for any company using any single building; also each set of buildings has lots of sunshine shining in the basement, private parking lots, near-water platforms and landscaped terraces. This project was developed into two phases, where the first phase covers a total area of 83,000 m2 has been delivered for use in July, 2012. At present, this project is still a hot item on the sales market.

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