Residential Projects

Emerald Apartments

Located on the northwestern side of Central Lake Wetland Park of the SIP Ecological Science Hub, the China-Singapore Emerald Apartments project occupies an area of 2.07 hectares with a total construction area of 45,000 m2. It is composed of high rise residential houses and a portion of matching commercial houses along the street. In accordance with the national standards and requirements for two-star green buildings, the China-Singapore Emerald Apartments project has been built into a paragon of ecologically green buildings in terms of land, energy, water, and material conservation, as well as indoor environment, operation and management. With lower than average market prices, this project has been wholly leased to those high-end talents in SIP for immediate occupancy, and has therefore become a quality support facility to the carriers of this eco-friendly and scientifically-based city.

China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park Development Group Co., Ltd.Su ICP 14043041-1