Industrial Projects

Customized Factory Building

Magna factory buildings are customized by CSSD in compliance with the development plan of Magna automotive system. This project is located in the fourth section of SIP to the north of Tongsheng Road and to the west of Xingpu Road, occupying a total land area of 31,000 m2, in which phase I accounts for about 7,900 m2. The single-story factory buildings in Phase I of this project covering an area of 1,100 m2 have been completed and put into use.

Located in the core area on the west bank of the Lake in SIP, the Flowserve factory buildings are on Baiyu Road and adjacent to Lin Xing Ming Street, covering a total building area of 15,000 m2.

The UPS warehouse was constructed in the Export Processing Zone A and covers a total construction area of 8,700 m2.

The Samsung factory buildings were the factory building project customized by CSSD in 2008 for Samsung Electronics, occupying eleven hectares with a total construction area of 63,000 m2. The phase I project has already been delivered to Samsung Electronics.

The L-Fashion factory building was customized and built by CSSD in February, 2009 for the L-Fashion Group, a wholly-owned enterprise with Finnish investment. This project is located on Qi Ming Road in the comprehensive bonded area of SIP occupying an area of 1.5 hectares with a total construction area of approximately, 10,000 m2. This project was delivered for use in December, 2009.

The Kemet project involves high-quality buildings customized and built by CSSD for US-based Kemet Electronics, and is located at the intersection between Yangpu Road of SIP and Gangtian Road in SIP and covers approximately 3.6 hectares with a total construction area of 21,658 m2.

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